Animal welfare

Strange topic in land of fiction.   I watched a episode of Nature (PBS series) about bionic pets. Prosthetics adapted to animals.  Seriously, inspiring stuff beyond belief.

As highly evolved animals, we change everything we can.   Watching a dog with no front legs and then one with no back legs walk with different prosthetics.  They are so quickly changed.

Too bad there isn’t a monument that says give me your poor, huddled masses yearning to be free and it included animals.   I’m a sucker for animals. Four rescues (cats) walk over me every day.   Your problems are never as bad as they could be if you can help one other person or animal.

2 thoughts on “Animal welfare

  1. Yeah, I guess the classic image we have is of a dog with wheels for back legs. But on the one hand we help dogs, and on the other, grow ears on the spine of rats: that really gave me the creeps…


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