Last Piece of Junk

pleisiosaur_Julian sat there staring at the thing.  She wasn’t here to explain.  But in his mind he hears her.

“That is art.  The Nebraska guy who did carhenge made it.” Celeste explains the $100 away.

His voice rings out. “That is the last piece of junk you’ll ever buy.”

The next day the brakes failed.  She suffered broken bones, lasted a couple of days. His heart sank.

Julian mixed up concrete to secure the sculpture. Plant them together that was the plan. He lifted the bag out of the walnut box. Rest in peace my dear.

96 words

Other pieces of puzzle below

24 thoughts on “Last Piece of Junk

  1. An interesting story. I have to wonder how much he was involved in the failure of her breaks… Or maybe Jimmie is lurking somewhere… I look forward to reading more. 🙂


    1. He’s lurking. He said he’ll get him. Jimmie had control of first part of story and the brakes. Julian needs to suffer first. I hope I can keep it going to a fitting end. Thanks as always darling

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  2. This was a great read…very interesting and different. Sometimes you have to watch what you say or do…it can come back to bite you! Looking forward to more. 🙂


  3. I got the tension between them. He’s sneaky, a divorce, or just walking away, might have served a similar purpose, but some people only do all or nothing. Great, dark twist in the end.


    1. It’s risk versus reward. Quick & ugly versus the right thing. I’ve been kicking around an ending to him. I’m very glad point resonates about relationship. Tiffany Yiu di much fit read, comment and kind words

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  4. Oh, so sad. We have to be careful about how we speak to each other, and mindful of the fact that any action, or moment, could be someone’s last. Poignantly told.


      1. It’s the accumulation. She tell her side eventually. I’m hoping to successfully play car and mouse with his character. Develope some more flaws then introduce her properly. Thanks always for kind words my dear

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