“Oh the mirror is such a terrible thing. A man must have came up with it. Ugh! I look horrible.” Eve is twisting side to side. Exploring every flaw seen and unseen.

Her 110 pounds are stretched thin across her 5 foot six frame.

“I never wanted to turn 45. My eyes have crow’s feet. My elbows have wrinkles. Look at the upper arm it’s hanging loose. Thank god, Richard has such bad vision.”

She walks into bedroom. Richard is putting on suit for fancy dinner for her. He’s gained thirty pounds since they got married. She has been up and down in weight. The swing has been ten pounds. To her it seems like a hundred.

She picks up a magazine. Takes it over to Richard.

“Here, you always say, what do I want to make me happy? Here you go. Sign me up. The bride diet, I want to look as good as the women you stare at all day. If you love me you’ll do it. I want to go this week!”

Richard picks up magazine. The ad is hard to believe. “You want to be fed on IV tube for two weeks?!”

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