Swim or Die, canoe ride part 2


“Aauuckah -chaa -haaa”

Three mouthfuls of water followed that sound into the sea.  Ilkia looks back,  Alika stands pointing across the sea, emotionless in stare and six feet tall.

Ilkia could easily stand, but choose to let the sea take him out.  Two hours, he was a pearl diver and could swim all day.  But open sea… this was different.

Above him the sky cleared. The deep blue waters almost glowed.  He swim out trying to avoid coral and the open sea.

“Kanaloa, give me waves to guide me.  I have nothing to give until I land.” His prayer hangs in the air.

He has made it to first mix of blood and fish. The waves are two feet and some cover his head.  He grabs all the air he can and dives below.  Pushing hard into water.  Looking for any dark shape.

“Stay under, don’t surface” loops thru his mind.

Komohoalil, please keep your steeds from my path.  The thought is edgy, half broken.

Everything is a light and dark flash.  He splashes thirty feet away to surface.  He’s not far enough, the sharks will come.  His heart deafens his ears. Arms never stopping, swim or die.  Nothing else.

The next mile he dodges two more clouds of blood. They are larger, he can’t dive thru them anymore.

The waves are constantly pounding him.   He can feel arms tiring, he dives not swims.

Doubt surfaces.   Shadowing Ilika is a canoe. He knows he isn’t alone.  He can’t see around him.

He stops.

There’s a dark line against water.   His heart races.

 “Is that land?  What I if I’m in wrong spot?  I didn’t go far enough yet! Kanaloa please allow me to finish”

A g

iant splash comes beside him.  He dives straight down.  “Where are my legs? My arms?!  No blood please, Komohoalil keep them away!” His thoughts are everywhere.  His heart is exploding.

His eyes see a club floating above.  He is fueled by hate.

He swims to surface.  He looks toward land.  And slices through the water.

“I’ll kill him for that!” Swallowing seawater for saying it outloud.  But he’s looking toward Pele, her fires burn in him now.

The line has become a cliff, backed by a mountain.  Black turns to green and a different blue.  He can see a landing spot when

waves lift him up.

Last blood cloud sits before him.  He pauses to reflect Komohoalil, please once more help me.  He tries to release rage from Pele.  He dives down.

Ten feet of dark grey and white…. off to the left.  He sees it.  He knows   He fears it.   Control heart, swim slow, all he has to do.  And don’t what ever you do surface.

At his right glides a green turtle.  Four feet across moving like its floating.

“Kanaloa, god of the sea is taking me home.”


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