Don’t talk to strangers – blogging assignment lost in cyber space

Music sets the mood for the moment.   Melodies can frame emotions and place around you in a many different shadows.   The suggestion of favorite song is easy, but we complicate things a bit by adding a couple others.

“Don’t talk to strangers

Cause there only there to do you harm

Don’t write in star light

Because the words may come out real.”

Ronnie James Dio

It seems crazy to think of the depth of sand that has gone thru the hourglass since I first heard this song “Don’t talk to strangers”.  The song speaks to what you are told growing up and mixing in things that sends to make as much sense to a young mind.   Structure in the lyrics, combined with magically rifts of guitar work, backed by drum beats lurking in background.  My mind anticipates the song as it plays. My older mind views the words slightly differently.   The words cautioning against outside things and teasing the adventure of learning my way thru the world.

I “still haven’t found what I’m looking for”searching for “three of a prefect pair”.  After realizing, the “first cut” of songs is much harder, I’m going to “take it easy” to answer this three song list.   Climbing up on”Salisbury hill” seeing “lights”only to go “down by the river” hoping not to be “tangled up on blue”. Thinking I was seeing “Atlantis”, I almost drowned in a”whiskey river”, should have stopped at “one bourbon, one shot, and one beer”.  Instead I ran into “the wall”. “Dazed and confused” I was swaying”like a candle in the wind”  before betting knocked out “stone cold”. I know next time hit”another brick in the wall”. Ok I will move on with my assignment, just trying to”keep yourself alive”.  By the way song titles are from U2, King Crimson, Rod Steward, The Eagles, Peter Gabriel,  Journey, Bob Dylan,  Donovan, Willie Nelson, George Throughgood, Kansas, Led Zepplin, Elton John, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, and last but far from last Queen.

“Lonely is the night

When you find yourself alone.

You feel the time is right

See the writing on the wall. ”

Billy Squire

Seriously, should be favorite song instead.   A hike guitar starts diving into the feelings of dreaded loneliness.   Those wonderful demons coming to life with the “what an I missing” thoughts.   Really more of taking someone out of being lonely instead song.  Musically interesting and still provides hope.

“I was drunk the night my mama got out of prison.

And I went to pick her up on the rain.

But before I could get to the station in my pick up truck, s

he got run over by a damned old train”      David Allen Coe

I might be only person with this song here.  “You don’t have to call me darling” is more about answering relationship questions.   The above is an addendum to the perfect country western song, as in 1979, these items appear in every song.  Ever notice hire many times you call your significant other by name.   This fun ditty, is all about why don’t you ever call me by my name.   Actually my father, loved this stuff and eventually beat into my head through the years.

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