Derby thoughts

My dad was a horse player.  Not a huge bettor, but convinced he could figure out the races.   Science was his thing. He taught organic chemistry.  I actually had him for a year in college. Strange have a professor for a father and watching his son nit study enough and get A’s.

But it’s Derby day.

He had a birthday party for his 70th birthday.  Unfortunately, his last.   He had a glandular cancer. Made him very anxious and some what edgy.  He hated the party idea.   But family came out of town. Derby decorations everywhere and cake with house and jockey.

He would love Firing Line.  He taught me so much about the sport.  Horses for the course. Jockey and trainer combos.   The betting angles are endless . But this is a special day.

I’m still looking for different things.   Frosted is my pick.   Closer gets better path.   Nineteen houses causes a lot of traffic.   Lots of problems could come up.

Post time.   Here we go dad.   The 141th Kentucky Derby is off

2 thoughts on “Derby thoughts

  1. Thank you so much. It was an instant thought put on paper, well cyber space. Thanks for considering it worth nomination. That is very nice of you. I do appreciate it.


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