Day of Hope

It is a holiday.  Today is the annual Day of Hope.   Today is the day that changes the fifty one years worth of bad history. In Cleveland, it’s draft day!

Half the city will spend hours later this evening waiting to see who changes our collective future.  Everyone has an opinion.   Everyone has their “guy”.   We’re all idiots.  No-one has a clue what the team thinks. But that doesn’t matter, because today is draft day.

Now don’t get confused.  “Draft Day” the movie, pure fiction… everything works out for our city.   Fan in Cleveland means leaving mind way behind your heart.   Don’t overthink the game plan.   Our team needs a lot.   So best available players are all we need.   Err don’t think out will happen.

Like every great holiday, there’s planning.  We begin by reading everything written about the top prospects.   These are real experts and sharing great info with us fans.   Or they are filling a page that will change every week as players are getting better without playing.   Other drop as track stars rise to take their place.   Ever see a football player run forty years straight in shorts on Sunday? Neither have I, but it matters today.   Ever read a mock draft? Why do they change every week? My team’s executives most be bipolar.   Or the writer of columns needs to add interest.

The need for anxiety is real.   We haven’t had a winning season in over 12 years.   You can’t get a seat for most games here.   This is our year.  Well with two picks tonite, we become relivent.   That’s a short walk to respectable from there.  Soon we could be good.   Then a playoff team.

So what happens tonite?  Ok everyone wants the team to draft a quarterback.  If we package all out high picks and maybe some for next year, then we might get a guy who could be really good.  Especially if we make the offensive system fit him.   Everyone else will follow his lead. Really this works for others, I think it does, they have all won.   That’s got to be it.

If we don’t get the Mariota kid, then we get a 340 lb nose tackle.  Unless Chicago takes Shelton at 7, but the experts say they want a receiver.   So at 12, we should get him.   But we could get Parker, the wide receiver if he falls.   We could use him too.   But if they are both gone, we could get Durpee to rush on defense or Flowers, a real maulling type offensive lineman.  Fun maybe for one. But if it falls right,  We can get one of these guys.

Welcome to Christmas time for football fans.   Most people couldn’t recognise any of the players. But the names and hopes. …. they will be back next year.   But we’ll be good and draft later then.   I’ve been saying that for years.   Big fan.

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