Mrs Pauley

Gabriel is sitting on porch, head firmly pinched by hands, held up by arms, that rest on his knees.   His face is blank.   He could be watching a tv show, starting at a video, but it’s the action across the street.

Mrs Pauley is across the street. She’s sitting leaning against the rail.  Her 90 pound frame seems to shake as she talks.  The house behind her is an old chalky white and brick bungalow.

“Mom, are they going to arrest her?  I don’t understand. Isn’t that her house?” He talks to the figure in the door behind him.

“I was over there yesterday.   She was telling me Nate and Allan are coming today to visit her.  They going to take her away.  Can we go visit her?  She told me Mr Pauley was waiting for her.   But he died, didn’t he?”

He sighs.   Mom has no answers.

“Mrs Pauley, I have waited three months for anything from You.”  The voice of strange man finds it’s way across the street. “Your sons will be here soon. ”

“Mom, she’s not even moving. You said she was there forever. Why did she have to go?  She is like grandma.   I hated to tell you about inside the house.  I thought if we cleaned it, everything would be fine.  There were only boxes.   It was just stuff.   They can’t throw you out for stuff!” His words are getting loud and terse.

“When I get older, I’m buying that house.   Mrs Pauley will still be alive, right mom? The police keep going in the house.  They’re going to arrest her aren’t they?  Mom…. They called an ambulance.  See is coming for her.”

Mom breaks her silence.  “Honey, they found Mr Pauley over there.   She’s going to get help, Gabe. ”

“Found”  he doesn’t understand but he slowly realises.  “Did she hide him under all the boxes?’

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