life is but a dream

Walking in the house,  I can hear her in kitchen. It’s a curved path through small living and dining rooms to get there.   Looking at her, she’s bathed in sunlight.  Pale skin glows, tiny freckles blend seamlessly into face.  Round green eyes barely separated by a thin nose,  red hair pulled back in ponytail.  She is cutting veggies on a board.  I stare as I move around her.

“Hey you” she sings, not looking up.

My right arm slides around her thin waist. My left hand lands at her hip.  I lean up against her to kiss the place where neck meets the shoulder.  She jumps a little, almost giggles.

“Quit it.  I got a knife buddy. ”

“Hmmmm I Iike dangerous women.” Whispering to her. My hands sliding against her soft warm stomach.  Exploring her, slightly tickling her.  She’s partly submissive, yet still trying to continue with what she was doing.

“Maybe for dessert.”

“Oh, noooooo! Oh, how could you? Why why why why? ” but this is very different woman

Loud screams are filling my bedroom.

I wake up.  Stunned, dazed, slowly aware of my surroundings. My wife is crying. She shakes in bed.   A fifty year old woman wrecked by fear, life being fight for with each breath.

“How could you? It’s her. You and her. I’ve seen it.” She’s hysterical. “It was a dream but I know.  You and her, in my house, our house. .. playing like it’s her place.” Sobbing breaks the words apart.

“Honey,  I don’t know what’s going on.   You had a dream. It’s not real. Please calm down.   What happened?” I try to calm her.

My heart races.   That dream we have as men. The perfect encounter with someone.   It’s the hot wife of a friend, it’s a number of girls you know, wanted to know, thought you knew.   Your mind told you how exciting to do this with her.   My wife is telling me, my deep fantasy, that I never tried with her.  And my god, I would love this one.

“Honey, calm down. There’s nothing to worry about.” I repeat this over a hundred times.  I’m convincing myself not her.  Slowly,  we fade back to sleep.

“I’m just after an appetizer” I continue to whisper in the young woman’s ear.   The dream has come back to me.

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