To be free

“Hey people…. come here. ”

“There’s a problem here.   I’m a horse and this stall door is closed.  If you look behind you, you can see what I’m talking about.”  The house moves anxiously bumping the door.

“There grass, it’s so green. And nobody’s eating it!   Just look at it.   That’s new growth out there people.”

What does a horse have to do to get out a little,  thinks the horse.

“I could drink out of pond.  Real water not this bucket stuff.  Yuck, it tastes like plastic.”  Horse sighs.

Looking down at the ground doesn’t help. Mr. Jones,  the striped barn cat walks by.   Mr Jones meigs.

“You people let the cat go free.   Why not the horse? We’re majestic animals.   But stuck in this barn.   I was born to run.  Come on let me out!”

Horse realises the poeple are gone. Didn’t even look at him. That’s what happens when your a horse named Horse.  Everyday you wake up looking to be free.

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