Lost and found

“Take my soul to the lost and found”.   Line graciously stolen from Billy Squire (She’s a Runner).  The opening of great songs fill you with feelings both good and bad.   It ties down memories and releases  these feelings.   We fill our brains with patches of the past.   Prefectly incomplete in a way that shields us from what should have happened.  In the dark, all those corners of the mind filled with thoughts we wished we never had.   How many lovers we didn’t give as much to?   How many friends that we would rather not do something with today?  What of those things that happened and we don’t know why?  “Don’t you need me?” (Stolen from Mr Squire again ‘In the Dark’)

Neet little bundles of memories.

Purposely lost.   Unconsciously found.

Rough twine holding tight what we don’t want to remember.   Vaguely, legible is the word “why”.  Why – the most hurtful word.

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