stream of thought

In effect to keep my brain working, today I decided to put my toes into the stream of consciousness.  On a nice spring day where is a better starting point than outside.

I have my first four leaf clover of the year.  Strange thing, they seem to find me.  Along time ago, my 100% Irish (American born) grandfather got me into finding these things.  One of the uses is sharing luck with someone else by giving them to other people.  Since I have yet to win lottery, this seems like a cheap trick to teach sharing things.  Nonetheless, I habitually pick at these little green mutants.  Is it possible this is just weeding made fun?  I have noticed women like by handed a four leaf clover.  and they are cheaper than roses.

Now where does superstition rest in your world?  It is interesting that rabbit’s feet aren’t as well received.  Do I become a plant hater picking these things?  If plants have feelings, why is meat murder but a salad is just fine? Anyone remember seeing plant auras?  I assure my readers I am an equal opportunity offender.  While choosing not to kill my own food, I tend to eat both plants and animals.

The last idea is one of those eddies in the pool of consciousness that never goes away.  One of the great mysteries of life, how to deal with a vegetarian brought into the family by someone else.  You have any idea how hard it is to find a meatless stuffed pepper receipe?  I’m not sure why but rice, onions, celery need company here.  But mac and cheese don’t sound bad in here, but why people?

So much for the luck part of that clover.  I’m buy a lottery ticket anyway.  And eating suffed peppers with meat.

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